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about us

About Us

M/s. Involute Engineers & Industries (M/s. IEI) has been engaged in manufacture and indigenous development of Electro-mechanical & Electro-pneumatic equipment for Railway transportation, since its inception in 1984. Major thrust of its activity has been the import substitution in above mentioned field.

M/s. Involute has rendered a considerable and meaningful contribution by indigenously developing among others a variety of critical spares & sub-assemblies for N-32 Tap Changer. N-32 Tap Changer is a vital equipment in A/c Electric Locomotive. IEI has been a major supplier of railway componentsto M/s. Bombardier, Adtranz, Baroda (formerly M/s. Asea Brown Boveri Ltd.) and OEM for N-32 Tap Changer. Presently, M/s. IEI caters to the maintenance demand for Tap Changer & Circuit Breaker spares to all the Electric Loco Sheds in India under various Zonal Railways.

In 1995, M/s. BHEL had entrusted M/s. IEI to develop and supply complete SMSC i.e. an equipment also known as D.C. Controller for fitting in WCAM2, WCAM3 & WCAG1 Electric Locomotives (AC/DC) within a limited time frame. These equipments were earlier being imported from Switzerland. IEI met the challenge successfully. Presently, 170 pieces of such equipments are functioning satisfactorily in Mumbai area under Western & Central Railways. We Have also developed Eddy Current Clutches suitable for application in 3100/3300 HP Diesel Electric locomotives for DLW/Varanasi.

Our Promoter

Involute Engineers & Industries has been promoted by Sri Mrityunjoy Hazra, a Post Graduate Mechanical Engineer, with training abroad under Confederation of British Industries Overseas Scholership (UK).


IEI's quality assurance department is equipped with sophisticated and modern measuring instruments, including a standard Room. IEI maintains a well equipped precision workshop with imported Spur & Bevel Gear generating machines including Gear Testers.

IEI is an ISO-9001: 2008 certified concern. We have been approved by Research Designs & Standards Organization, Lucknow - Ministry of Railways as regular source for manufacture & supply of the above Locomotive items.